What a Week Out of this World!

I am about to start off on my US trip but wanted to post a blog about this week because a) if you want people to read your blog (and who doesn’t ?) then you have to post regularly and b) this will be the oddest couple of weeks that I have had.

It started off on Monday when I went to London to record the BBC Radio 4 show, “The Infinite Monkey Cage” with resident hosts, Robin Ince & Brian Cox and guests Andy Nyman (the creative genius behind Derren Brown & the West-End hit, “Ghost Stories”) and Prof Richard Wiseman(Britain’s best known psychologist). We talked about the science of the supernatural, why do some people believe and I brought along a dowsing bombdetector. I am only going to say that I had great fun and you can hear the show broadcast on July 4th in the UK.

Robin, comforted by Brian, gives birth while Richard assists with the delivery

Me & Jon about to go on

Then on Thursday, I did a gig with Jon Ronson who is currently touring with his current book, “The Psychopath Test.” This book is now in its 4th week in the New York Times bestseller list and Jon was in fine form. I heard Jon’s talk at the Cheltenham Science festival but this time it was more of interview and discussion in front of the 400+ audience at St. George’s in Bristol . I think we really got a banter going and all seemed delighted. I didn’t stick around afterwards as I wanted to go to a party and Jon was headed for Glastonbury the next day. I knew that there was something big going down in my neighbourhood.

I can’t say more about who was hosting the party or where it was but it was star-studded event with the likes of Damian Hirst, a bunch of movie people and of course, if you haven’t worked out from my Tweets, megastars U2, who were headlining at Glastonbury. And yes, I schmoozed shamelessly. I was delighted to discover that the Edge is a science fan. Bono liked my Dundee colloquilism of “Twa bridies and an inning in and aw” (translation: “Two savoury pastries please and an onion one as well”). Anyway, I had a blast but could not, and frankly did not, want to take photographs. The next night they rocked the Pyramid stage at Glasto and I experienced a distorted delusion of pride by proxy. How sad am I? And how cool was it that they did a live link to the orbiting International Space Station?

So now I am off to the US to do a bunch of work/fun related stuff in NYC but heading off to be a minor star of my own as the keynote speaker alongside one of the greatest living legends, Dr. Buzz Aldrin at the Llamasoft conference. I thought you’d appreciate this clip of Buzz demonstrating he has a sense of humour.

Name dropping? Yes, absolutely – guilty as charged. I will be talking about this celebrity cult status and how some of us seek out association with other famous individuals to validate our self-worth in my next book. Am I nervous about meeting Buzz? Yes. of course, but somehow this week is just shaping up fine.


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8 responses to “What a Week Out of this World!

  1. Rae

    Rubbing shoulders with more of the rich and famous? The Harris effect continues, clearly 😉

    Good luck for the US trip, Prof – hope it all goes well and, more importantly, that you enjoy it to the full!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I know… terribly shallow but all will become clear when I finish my book of the self illusion (we basic need others to validate the self) – bye for now

  2. jacarandamimosifolia

    Whilst you were seeking to validate your self-worth, I was trying to blag a Glastonbury ticket from Mr B. – which he offered and, to the disgust of my family, I turned down. Duh.

    • brucehood

      Why did you turn it down? Even if it hadn’t been Mr Been, then it would have be worth it. Actually- strike that- it did seem very wet on the telly

  3. The 2011 Summer Conference on Supply Chain Design? You really are branching out!

  4. What an exciting life you lead

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