Bristol is Zombieland

One of the reasons that Bristolians love their city is because of the creative culture that thrives in this California of the British Isles. One of the things I tweeted about a couple of months back is 2.8 Hours Later, the city wide zombie chase game. It’s like tag for adults but much more scary. Check this video out

Those that have played it tell me it’s brilliant and sells out quickly. I didn’t make it this year and looking at the speed at which some of these undead move, I reckon that I would quickly become zombie chow. Anyway, a freedom of information request revealed that Bristol City Council does appear to be geared up for  possible zombie epidemics that could threaten the city. When asked what contingency plans existed for such an attack, the council wrote back with their top secret plan for how to respond and four alert states:

• Ambient zombie level – business as usual, but be on the lookout for telltale signs.

• Enhanced activity level – confirmed zombie attacks on the populous.

• Major outbreak – zombie infection level in excess of 1%, multiple sightings across the city.

• Zombie pandemic level – concentrated outbreak, with infection levels over 30%.

According to the article in the Guardian today, Peter Holt, service director of Bristol City Council communication and marketing said, “Under health and safety the document urges staff to remember the correct zombie-killing procedure: Fully disconnect the brain-stem from the body through either blunt force or full head removal.” The document also reveals that there is an annual training programme scheduled for designated officers who will also be able to distinguish the city’s famous attraction for hot air balloons and “evil, floaty space aliens.”

I love Bristol.



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3 responses to “Bristol is Zombieland

  1. We need a lot more of this in the world.

  2. podblack

    Brilliant. 🙂 🙂

  3. @peterholt99

    Pleased to have been able to reassure you with our plan. I can only suggest – strongly – that concerned citizens either move to Bristol, or take part themselves in one of the fine @igfest ‘games’ as training

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