Pimp My Book

I seem to have a fundamental disagreement with publishers when it comes to choosing covers. I did not particularly like the hardcover for SuperSense which to me suggested it was a book about superstition with black cats and all. In fact, I remember specifically requesting no superstitious tokens. So I was not particularly happy with the design – which by the way turns out to be photograph by Elizabeth Knox that was used on good luck greeting cards designed by Stephanie Dyment. I know coz I found one by chance for sale. Not exactly creative.

Izi will crease you up

Someone who is creative on the other hand is comedian Izi Lawrence, a rapidly rising lovely lady who makes me laugh. She recently started reworking copies of some books that she has enjoyed and I guffawed when I saw what she had done to my book on her new site, Pimp My Book. A colleague of mine, Andrew Shulman confirms that when he was reading Supersense, his wife referred to it as “That cat’s ass book.” Too true.

Anyway, take a look at Izi’s hilarious re-interpretations though Dawkins’s, “The Selfish Gene” gets a real roasting after his comments in the recent Elevatorgate affair. For those of you not following this story, it reveals that even the rational world of skeptics is populated with some very irrational attitudes. I am not attending TAM9 this year, but this incident is bound to be one of the hot topics at the meeting. As I tweeted earlier, there are always fireworks in Vegas, but somehow I think the ones at TAM are going to be extra special.

I thought exactly the same thing when I first saw it


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5 responses to “Pimp My Book

  1. But it is a very cute kitten-bottom! :p

  2. Rox

    You are in in some very good company. Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Jonathan Swift and many others are never consulted about the covers for their books (at least, I hope not).

  3. mcb

    Seriously, go have a look at Izi’s pummeling of Dawkins. It’s priceless.

  4. Iszi is great. I’ve had the honour of performing alongside her while she was a student at Bristol! Hoping to see her at Edinburgh again this year.

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