Last of the SuperSense?

Last week, I gave my last public SuperSense lecture at the Frome Festival. It’s not that I am never going to talk about the natural origins of supernatural thinking again. In fact, we have some really cool research findings that will be coming out over the next year. But I wanted to draw a line under SuperSense because I have been giving this talk in one version or another for 3 years and now I have to move on.

In many ways, Frome was the suitable last venue as much of the impetus for writing the book was sparked by thinking about my own collecting behaviour, memorabilia and essentialism. This was fostered in the late Steve Bransgrove’s Collectibles shop that I used to frequent on Catherine Hill in Frome.

But I am moving on to fresh pastures. I have a textbook coming out and am finishing off my next book on the developmental neuroscience of the self. These and another major project coming up later in the year mean that I am going to be pretty busy.

Off course, I will still talk about supernatural thinking and I have a couple of TV appearances coming up soon. Here is an Italian film crew who came by my place to shoot a piece on cellular memories following organ transplantation.

They even brought me a copy of the Italian version of the book that has my favorite version of the cat cover.

I think I will keep blogging about the supernatural and I am reluctant to abandon the tagline in the banner for this site, but the content will change as I set about working on new projects. I have many exciting things coming up but for the moment I need to keep writing! Stay tuned and keep coming back for updates.


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