Woman Is Eating Her Husband

The season finale of “My Strange Addiction” reports the bizarre case of  26-old-old Casie, a widow who is gradually eating the cremated remains of her husband who died from an asthma attack. While transferring his remains from crematorium box to an urn, she accidentally got some of his ashes on her fingers. Rather than simply wiping her husband off, she decided to lick them. Unfortunately this has developed into a bizarre behaviour of eating the cremated remains which taste of  “rotten eggs, sand and sandpaper.” Apparently Casie is at risk of the chemicals used to embalm her husband which are still present in the ashes but her greatest fear is what to do when he is all gone. She has already consumed 1lb of the ashes in two months and there is only 5lbs left.  Yet another extraordinary example of essentialism. You can read more and see the video here


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9 responses to “Woman Is Eating Her Husband

  1. Rox

    Is this related at all to eating your heart out ?

  2. Gerard Simons

    She thinks she’s a crocodile !

  3. Rox

    Only a pretend crocodile. I took my 4-year old grand-daughter to the Princess of Wales playground in Kensington (recommended) and warned her to watch out for crocodiles, as I plonked her in the pool. “It’s only made of stones, Grandad”, she reassured me immediately. Kids aren’t what they used to be, but she did proclaim herself Queen of the Rocks (note not King of the Castle). The large play ship is a good place to lose any child while you eat your sandwiches.

  4. What I can say is that Grief impacts people differently.Some go crazy and some like this TN woman found a bizarre way to grieve for the loss of her husband. Some found it troubling. She has become passionate about consuming his ashes.

  5. Arno

    Feels rather obsessive compulsive to me. I also cannot help but wonder if she used food before as a way to cope with emotional distress.

  6. that’s a very strange and sad story

  7. It can be really devastating to uncover out the man or woman that you like the most cheated on you. What will you do when you observed out your husband is cheating on you with a further woman? This is regularly the situation that scores of married females are struggling with. “My husband is cheating on me with one other woman, I never know if I might abandon him.”

  8. Rox

    Please explain to us how this joins on to the rest of this. I don’t see the connexion.

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