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Renowned Academics Speaking About God

Well I don’t know what I am more flattered by?  Being regarded as a “renowned academic” or being squeezed in between Richard Dawkins and Marvin Minksy – two brilliant thinkers that have had a major impact on my own thinking. If you can’t be bothered with all the other great minds, I’m on around 11:50, but there are some very smart things being said worth listening to.

1. Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate in Physics, MIT
2. VS Ramachandran, World-Renowned Neuroscientist, UC San Diego
3. Bruce C. Murray, Caltech Professor Emeritus of Planetary Science
4. Sir Raymond Firth, World-Renowned Anthropologist, LSE
5. Alva Noë, Berkeley Professor of Philosophy
6. Alan Dundes, World Expert in Folklore, Berkeley
7. Massimo Pigliucci, Professor of Philosophy, CUNY
8. Bede Rundle, Oxford Professor of Philosophy
9. Sir Richard Friend, Cambridge Professor of Physics
10. George Lakoff, Berkeley Professor of Linguistics
11. Sir John Sulston, Nobel Laureate in Physiology/Medicine
12. Shelley Kagan, Yale Professor of Philosophy
13. Roy J. Glauber, Nobel Laureate in Physics
14. Lewis Wolpert, Emeritus Professor of Biology, UCL
15. Mahzarin Banaji, Harvard Professor of Social Ethics
16. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Professor of Practical Ethics, Duke University
17. Richard Dawkins, Oxford Evolutionary Biologist
18. Bruce Hood, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Bristol
19. Marvin Minsky, Artificial Intelligence Research Pioneer, MIT
20. Herman Philipse, Professor of Philosophy, Utrecht University
21. Michio Kaku, CUNY Professor of Theoretical Physics
22. Dame Caroline Humphrey, Cambridge Professor of Anthropology
23. Max Tegmark, World-Renowned Cosmologist, MIT
24. David Parkin, Oxford Professor of Anthropology
25. Robert Price, Professor of Theology and Biblical Criticism
26. Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Psychology, Virginia
27. Max Perutz, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
28. Rodolfo Llinas, Professor of Neuroscience, New York
29. Dan McKenzie, World-Renowned Geophysicist, Cambridge
30. Patricia Churchland, Professor of Philosophy, UC San Diego
31. Sean Carroll, Caltech Theoretical Cosmologist
32. Alexander Vilenkin, World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist
33. PZ Myers, Professor of Biology, Minnesota
34. Haroon Ahmed, Prominent Cambridge Scientist (Microelectronics)
35. David Sloan Wilson, Professor of Biology and Anthropology, SUNY
36. Bart Ehrman, Professor of Religious Studies, UNC
37. Seth Lloyd, Pioneer of Quantum Computing, MIT
38. Dan Brown, Fellow in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge
39. Victor Stenger, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Hawaii
40. Simon Schaffer, Cambridge Professor of the History of Science
41. Saul Perlmutter World-Renowned Astrophysicist, Berkeley
42. Lee Silver, Princeton Professor of Molecular Biology
43. Barry Supple, Emeritus Professor of Economic History, Cambridge
44. Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Professor of Law
45. John Raymond Smythies, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatric Research
46. Chris Hann, Max Planck Institute For Social Anthropology
47. David Gross, Nobel Laureate in Physics
48. Ronald de Sousa, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Toronto
49. Robert Hinde, Emeritus Professor of Zoology, Cambridge
50. Carolyn Porco, NASA Planetary Scientist


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