Killer Phone Numbers

This is where you'll end up if you return a call in Nigeria

I had a meeting this week with several colleagues to discuss a bid to one of the research councils who are interested in funding research into conspiracy. So my mind is focused on this aspect of human reasoning where individuals believe that there are nefarious parties at work subverting society.

I just saw this piece on the BBC News website about a Nigerian urban myth that if you respond to a text message with an ID number of 09141, you die. A bit like watching that spooky video in “The Ring.” According to the brief report, up to 10 people are believed to have died returning this call. Now I have good grounds to ignore all those Nigerian emails from women whose husbands have died but left millions of dollars in bank accounts that they are happy to share with me if only I give them my bank details.

BTW I remembered I had this image of an African coffin shaped like a mobile phone on an earlier blog that dated back to 2009. I cannot believe I remarked about the exponential rise in FaceBook users at 175 million users. The current figure is around 750 millions users. Now that’s a conspiracy!


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3 responses to “Killer Phone Numbers

  1. Rox

    With respect, I think there is a superstition about the dangers of giving somebody your bank details, especially somebody black. The very people who are most worried about new-fangled payment methods with computers and bank details are the same people who are most keen to hand over a cheque without a second thought. Yet cheques give all your bank details, including the correct name of the account, the name and address of the branch, and even a handy copy of your signature.

  2. Rox

    I did say “with respect”. Many years ago now, the Dimbleby running Any Questions could get away with anything by saying “With all respect for the Bishop’s presence” (and the bishop on the panel would grunt in a liberal and indulgent manner).

    Anyway, isn’t it true ?

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