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Superstitious Politicians

I'm telling you put it all on 45

This time of year is always a surefire bet that weird supernatural beliefs will start to appear in the media. With Halloween looming, I had a quick peek to see who was topping the nutty charts. I note that my friend and colleague Jesse Bering (author of the eminently readable “The God Instinct”) was asked to comment on Hermain Cain for “The Daily Beast.” Cain who is the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO is putting himself forward for the presidential race. In his manifesto, he devotes a whole chapter to the special significance of the number 45 – the year he was born. Cain believes that this number has punctuated his entire life in a meaningful way and believes it will aid him to becoming, yup you guessed it, the 45th president of the US.

To be fair, Obama was equally superstitious during his rise to the Whitehouse, always playing basketball on the morning of each primary election. Other politicians have been equally frank about their superstitious rituals. It would seem that it was a prerequisite for standing for high political office! God forbid that anyone should say that the were not superstitious!


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