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Death by Karaoke- Be Aware.

I am currently trying to balance so many spinning plates at the moment that updating a blog is almost impossible. A number of you sent me the story about John Lennon’s rotten tooth selling for $30,000 and that would have been an easy one to post here, but I decided to ignore the usual weird memorabilia of the famous story and bring to your attention a bizzare thing I read in the Fortean Times book of Strange Deaths.

I was in Japan at a conference some years back and was introduced to karaoke. I have always been a bit of show-off but I never realized how much the karaoke beast can take over your brain. We had a blast that evening but it was in the confines of a private booth, surrounded by good friends, just having a laugh.

We recently tried to repeat the experience in the Philadelphia, US in a public bar where the whole event was controlled by the DJ – who frankly was a bit of a jerk. For the price of  a drink, he offered to bump us up the pecking order of who sang next. It was really not a lot of fun as we had to listen to terrible singing from other people and then not even get a chance to have a go. This was a totally different experience which was much more confrontational. When people got up, it got ugly.

Still, we remained relatively convivial. Not so in the Philippines. According to the Fortean Times there are regular fights and murders associated with karaoke. No more so than with the way that people sing the Sinatra classic, “My Way” which leads to many deaths each year. Normally, I would think that such behavior was unreasonable, but after we had to endure listening to others murder songs, while thwarted from taking up the microphone ourselves, I now appreciate the killer instinct that can be triggered by karaoke – the need to be appreciated! This is a theme a develop in my new book, “The Self Illusion.’


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