Another Light Goes Out In the Visual World

Today I learned the sad news that my friend and colleague Tom Troscianko died. Like many deaths of loved ones, the impact of the news takes time to sink in as a widening chasm of despair opens. Tom would have none of that. He was one of life’s rare individuals who brought happiness, warmth and friendship to everyone who met him. He always saw the positive side to everything and frankly it was impossible to be miserable in his presence. It seems only recently we mourned the loss of another great personality from my department, Richard Gregory who was also a vision scientist that Tom worked with. I have put up a selection of video clips of them to remind me what bon vivres they led.

And here is a young Tom when he worked in Richard’s lab sharing a drink and a joke and eventually waking up his infant daughter who was being looked after by another very young Sue Blackmore. Bristol was a magical place and the vision world is a little colder and darker now that they have gone.


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3 responses to “Another Light Goes Out In the Visual World

  1. Andrew Atkinson

    I enjoyed a coffee and a chat with Tom only a week or so ago, and agree with everything you’ve said here Bruce. The guy was a real cheer, encouraging, and just plain cool. 58 was too soon.

  2. brucehood

    thanks Andrew… the trouble is that Tom was so alive that I now hear and see him everywhere.. I guess that is the way it is with people who make an impression

  3. I still can’t quite believe it. I keep walking past his office expecting the door to be open and to hear his laugh.

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