Me and the Living Legend, Sir David Attenborough

Me and the living legend, David AttenboroughLast Friday I had the privilege to meet Sir David Attenborough. He is not only a personal hero of mine but also to millions of viewers who have watched him bring the glory of the natural world into our living rooms. What you may not know is that David is also responsible for making the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures part of this nation’s heritage. As the first controller of BBC2, he recognized the value of broadcasting Faraday’s vision of bringing science to the masses and commissioned the first broadcasts. He even presented the Ri Christmas Lectures himself in 1973.

We chatted for about half an hour when he visited the Ri to record an interview for their new website that is launching tomorrow. David told me that doing the Ri Christmas Lectures had been the most difficult television he had ever done and that months before he was due to deliver them, he had contemplated dropping out. This was both reassuring and terrifying at the same time. After all, I consider him to be one of the giants of science broadcasting.

I introduced David to Kate, my PhD student and his eyes lit up when we started talking about her research on children’s foraging behaviour. Not surprisingly, David was well acquainted with animal foraging in the natural world and took a keen interest in Kate’s work. I had to get back to rehearsing, but we left as two very young adults who had met their childhood idol


December 9, 2011 · 6:41 pm

14 responses to “Me and the Living Legend, Sir David Attenborough

  1. Kylie Sturgess

    WAHHHHHHH!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. brucehood

    Yes Kylie, that was what I was feeling inside too!

  3. StewedPrune

    Thanks for alerting us to the new RI site ( which looks wonderful, but it may be worth noting that the 1973 Christmas Lectures featured there were already available (together with all others since) through the existing site ( as I discovered when following up the news that you were to give the 2011 series. Really looking forward to meeting your brain…

  4. Howdy stranger.

    Meeting ‘the man himself’, eh?

    I’m jealous, and seriously so,

  5. Roy

    A meeting of great minds.

    Looking forward to your lectures Bruce

  6. John Harding


    Can anyone tell me Sir David Attenborough`s agent or direct mail address.

    Please contact me direct

    An English beekeeper has found the answer to stop honeybees dying worldwide, Sir David needs to know.

    Kind regards


    • John Harding

      Since contacting Sir David at his home address, and yes he will reply to every letter received, albeit in terrible almost unreadable hand-writing, he does quite clearly state he is just a narrator.



  7. Anonymous

    I can’t wait tillt he weather gets cooler so I can watch my favorite cartoon, how the grinch stole christmas! What’s your favorite holiday show?

  8. Ian sharpe

    I would like to praise David Attenborough for the stunning,fantastic,awesome and mind blowing programme called Africa I have just watched gobsmacking lay so impressed it brought tears to my eyes on every episode you are a natural animal god David thanks for years of fantastic work and not forgetting your crew too I love your work.
    Thankyou again
    Sky engineer.

  9. maree fraser

    Has sir David Attenborough got a contact address where I can write to or preferably email him please??

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