Blind Every Time You Move Your Eyes

For those of you outside the UK, here is an excerpt from the first of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures explaining what happens each time you move your eyes. I’ll get back to regular blogging once I clear the backlog of chores.


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8 responses to “Blind Every Time You Move Your Eyes

  1. Thanks for making this accessible. Despite rumors to the contrary, some Americans like science! 😉

    Great demonstration, I suppose this is why people with a nystagmus can still walk in a straight line? Would people even be aware they had one without looking in the mirror? I was once told by a veterinarian that in order to conduct an eye transplant (for the blind), first they would need to be able to do a brain transplant. I have heard this disputed, but I wonder.

    • brucehood

      No he is right. The eyes are simply the receptors for the visual system & it is not clear how you could reattach all the nerve endings that make up the optic nerve. You can transplant corneas of course but that is a different thing.

      Good news though. The lectures will be available on the Ri website which should be accessible outside the UK. First one goes up from tomorrow. I’ll post the link

    • I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brtehor out.

  2. I just got finished watching the first episode of your Christmas lecture series. Dr. Michael Shermer tweeted about it. I’m glad we here in the US can have a chance to view these lectures.

    It was one of the best lectures I’ve ever seen (science or otherwise). I am amazed at your ability to speak about such advanced concepts in such a light and entertaining format, yet still make it rich with knowledge. For me, knowing the fallibility of your own observation is key to understanding how science works, rather than focusing on what science knows. I hope to see much more from you! I can’t wait to read your book. When Shermer and Pinker say it’s a great book, I’m sold!

  3. Its sad i cant understand very well english, I see your interview in Redes, it was great. Is your book supernatural in spanish version?

  4. Charles

    Watching this, and also your first lecture makes me glad I applied to Bristol University!

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