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Yes, Let’s Keep Religion Sidelined

Baroness Warsi is reported today in the Daily Telegraph that religion is being sidelined in the UK by rising militant secularization. I expect that these comments were in response to the High Court ruling to ban Christian prayers prior to council meetings in a Devon. The Tory peer is due to speak at the Vatican where it is reported that she will use her speech – the first to the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy by an outside minister – to call for Europe to become more “confident in its Christianity”.

Now here’s the problem as I see it. Is the suggestion that we should be preventing the secularization of the UK by providing more support for religion and if so, which one? Are we really going to insist for example, that council meetings should have Christian prayers mandated in areas that are predominantly Muslim?

Or consider her statement “Our continent needs the zeal of a convert…. Not from discovering something new but rediscovering something which has underpinned our civilisations for centuries.” In that case, I think  all the pagan religions probably have a good claim for historical ownership of this continent’s spiritual belief system.

Baroness Warsi is a Muslim and she sends her child to Christian school. But I cannot see how the different religions will readily submit to an integration into one unified belief system. Typically religions subjugate, suppress, absorb or eradicate other competing belief systems as they evolve so it is not clear to me how this continent is going to achieve the balance Baroness Warsi is calling for. Not to mention tolerance for those individuals who do not believe in spirits, ghosts, angels and gods.

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