Madder Than a Box of Frogs

I have been posting less frequently than often as I clear through a backlog of work and projects that were put on hold during the Christmas Lectures. I also turned off commenting on the blog as it was getting over-run with ranty comments. Hopefully those elements have decided to vent elsewhere.

Anyway I have decided to return to posting more weird and wonderful posts from the strangeness of human beliefs and they don’t gut much weirder than director Alejandro Jodorowsky. Have a look at this trailer for his 1973 movie, “The Holy Mountain.”

Now you know where, “madder than a box of frogs” comes from.



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5 responses to “Madder Than a Box of Frogs

  1. Nope, still don’t get it. Esoterism just seems like an excuse to take drugs. I tried to understand it, but it’s amazing how Wikipedia can ramble on for a whole page and still not give a good explanation for something.

    You realize you can set the comments to be approved first, right? That way you can have fun reading people’s rants then just delete them.

  2. DrJen

    Hah…just saw Santa Sangre…hadn’t remembered the guy’s name, but it was immediately clear that it was the same filmmaker from the clip. Worth watching if you like bizzare, culty, surrealistic horror.

  3. Chris

    I saw this years ago – truly nuts (but in a good way, I thought). He was originally supposed to direct ‘Dune’ and did a lot of preproduction work on it (a book was recently issued with much of the artwork), but David Lynch got it in the end.

  4. Anonymous

    YOU ARE IMMORAL! your are very absurd, arrogant!

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