A Cross between David Tennant & Keanu Reeves?

Click here to hear my dulcet tones woo you to sleep

I just received my copy of the audiobook of “The Self Illusion” which I recorded some weeks back in deepest Leicestershire. As I noted in my earlier post, recording an audiobook is much harder than it might seem but I am pleased to say that I love the finished product. Not because I am in love with hearing my ‘self’ speak (who is?) but the guys at WholeStory audiobooks have done such a fine job of making me sound good. So good in fact that one of my Tweeter followers (@seansterooney) said I sound like a mix of David Tennant (Dr. Who) and Keanu Reeves. Boy those guys at WholeStory must be wizards!


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8 responses to “A Cross between David Tennant & Keanu Reeves?

  1. I can hear the Dr. Who resemblance. Especially since your science books border on the dark and mysterious, even when they are debunking the myths. 😉

  2. Tyler

    Hello! I’m greatly looking forward to the rease of your book in US.
    When will this be? Also, will there be hard cover?

  3. roxks

    It’s a good thing that nobody reading this could possibly suspect that “Tyler” is just another facet of Bruce Hood’s complex personality, innocently, even unconsciously, conjured up to help sales of the book in the USA .

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