US Publication Day!

At last it is publication day in the US. Here is an interview that I did with Sam Harris talking about it. If you have come to this site then you are probably already very familiar with Sam who is one of the most influential and brilliant thinkers today.


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27 responses to “US Publication Day!

  1. Jonathan Doe

    I’m looking forward to reading this. When will the US e-book version be available?

    • brucehood

      Thanks Jonathan Doe – I don’t know is the answer. To be honest, I am not sure whether OUP publish e-books

      • Anonymous

        There are ebook versions of the book but they are only available in the UK and AU as far as I can tell. Is there anyway you could tell the publisher that there are customers in the USA who would like to purchase the book? I’m incredibly interested. I read the interview with Sam and I was immediately drawn into the topic and your approach.

        • Sorry, didn’t mean to post anonymously.

        • brucehood

          Yes, this is a bit of a touchy issue with me. There is an ebook but for some lack of thinking, they did not release it simultaneously – not the sharpest tools in the box. Should be available shortly – thank you for your patience.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Bruce. Appreciate the quick response.

            • brucehood

              I will put up a blog when the US/Canadian ebook is launched but once again, thank you for your patience.

          • Just got this reply from OUP regarding your book, which I’m mad to read. Guess I’ll check at the library. We have no more room for paper books at my house.

            Thank you for your email.  There are no current plans for a Kindle version at this time.

            It is actually Amazon /Kindle ebook store prerogative to carry or not carry our title, so you really need to contact Amazon.

            On the buy page for any print book, Amazon has provided the means for an individual to express their interest in seeing that title in the Kindle store. Although the key says “tell the publisher,” it actually sends the info to the Amazon Kindle ebook store sales team. They in turn provide OUP with a report so that we can evaluate the request.

            Thank you for contacting Oxford University Press.

            Oxford University Press
            Customer Service Email Support

            —–Original Message—–
            From: Bob LaVelle
            Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:23 AM
            To: Cary – Customer Service (External)
            Subject: The Self Illusion


            Will you please tell me if and when The Self Illusion by Bruce Hood will be released on Kindle in the USA?

            Thank you.

            Bob LaVelle

          • Finally grabbed an ebook copy on Tuesday morning. So stoked on this book. Thanks a bunch Bruce!

            • brucehood

              You are my No1 – seriously getting the ebook out has been a nightmare. Really hope you like it and if not, I’ll personally refund!

  2. swami

    Bruce, in your interview with Sam you said this, and my comments are in parenthesis:

    “Answering the question of who is experiencing the illusion or interpreting the story is much more problematic (Here you speak about the “I”). This is partly a conceptual problem and partly a problem of dualism (Dualism is not really as big of a problem as is the preformative contradiction involved in denying the primacy of consciousness. Here you seem to be speaking to a physicalist choir). It is almost impossible to discuss the self without a referent in the same way that is difficult to think about a play without any players (Yes, of course, not only difficult but nonsensical. So here you are i merely explaining why it is problematic to call the “I” and illusion). Second, as the philosopher Gilbert Ryle pointed out, in searching for the self, one cannot simultaneously be the hunter and the hunted (How true in this context, and again you continue to illustrate how hard it is to answer the question), and I think that is a dualistic problem if we think we can objectively examine our own minds independently, because our mind and self are both generated by the brain (? Are you just saying that dualism is untrue and therefore only if we think in terms of it does the problem arise? If so, first you has to prove that dualism is false. No one has come close to doing that). So while the self illusion suggests an illogical tautology (Sure does), I think this is only a superficial problem.” (no it is a very deep problem for physicalists like him—it is THE problem, which in the first sentence you said was “much more problematic.” How did the much more problematic question of how the “I” is false suddenly become “only a superficial problem,” when in between the two statements you shed no light on how to solve the problem?). Perhaps I will find a more satisfactory answer in your book. Forgive me for not reading it before commenting.

    • brucehood

      With the greatest respect, I do not think that there is any evidence for dualism. Surely the burden of proof when positing a position is for the affirmative? I hope you do read the book. Even if we end up disagreeing then I hope you will enjoy the argument.

      • swami

        I think that Henry Stapp’s work provides evidence for dualism. But I am curious to know if you actually deal with the “I” problem or only with the “me” problem. I quite agree that the “me” is an illusion, something that Dennet and others have dealt with in their own ways. But I think that they have conflated consciousness with various psychological and neurophysiological phenomenon—functional properties of the physical system. I would not even identify qualia with consciousness proper, for the “I” is not merely collection of conscious experiences. The “I,” as I understand it, is first person subjective existence in which experiences manifest. But I certainly won’t fault you for just suggesting I read your book to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks in advance for writing it.

  3. some freak

    Just started the book, and am expecting to appreciate it. Sadly, someone in the editorial department doesn’t understand scientific notation. On p.10 of the US edition, we read “the total number of different patterns is 2500, a number that exceeds the estimated total number of atoms in the universe”, with an endnote suggesting that there are 1081 atoms in the universe. I’m almost certain those are meant to be 2 to the power 500 and 10 to the power 81, respectively?

    • brucehood

      Yes, I know. I pointed this out to them but they screwed up. Apparently it has been fixed in the Kindle version due out next week.

      • JohnW

        Very serious error. It adds a lot of doubt about facts to come as I read on. Fixing such a blatant error on kindle does little good when I just purchased the hardcover version. I can’t imagine that this error was pointed out to Oxford University Press and they ignored it.

  4. Tyler Hawkins

    Just purchased this beautiful hard back, and I’ve already been blown away by your prologue.

    Now the great debate begins – do I underline with pencil or highlight..

  5. Tyler Hawkins

    Just purchased The Self Illusion. Already blown away by just the prologue!

    Great job Bruce!

    Now the great debate begins.. Do I underline with pencil or highlight.

  6. jimBot

    About halfway through. Extremely interesting, impressive, and very thought-provoking arguments.

    Harpercollins, however, should be shame-faced about the number of typos that made it into the published edition! The number of typos is staggering and, I should think, actionable. Be interested to know what, if anything, you’re doing about ’em.

    • brucehood

      I have pointed out some of the howlers…eg spilt-brain and of course the numbers related to connections. I did however, make a big error on the Monty Hall problem which just goes to show you why it is an intuitively troublesome piece of probability reasoning!

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