The Bears Are Back

Apologies for my absence but I have been working on a new book which has a December delivery date. It is due out next year and to be published by Penguin. That will be five books since 2009 (two academic, SuperSense, The Self Illusion & the new one) I am also blogging over at the Huffington Post and Psychology Today and it is the start of the academic year so I have all the teaching as well so as you can imagine, it is difficult to find the time.

Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I thought I would tell you about children’s sentimental toys as there is a growing interest in this. Journalist Laura Wexler interviewed me for a forthcoming article she is writing for The New Republic magazine about adults’ attachment objects. I have also been contacted by an artist, Susan Swartzberg, who has started a remarkable project called “The Honey Project” to collect stories and images of adult’s attachment object. She has created a Facebook page about it and you can visit the Honey Project wonderful website that looks fab. If you have one of these object please visit.

Of course, I covered sentimental objects in SuperSense and continue to research this fascinating aspect of child development. Do you remember the photograph of the wanted poster in the book? Well here is another.

In July this summer The Daily Mail reported this story of the Swedish police who have posted a similar wanted poster for a child’s missing teddy bear on their official Facebook page. Immediately the police force was criticised by some who thought they should be dealing with more important issues. In defense the police replied, ” The article above was written by an off-duty policeman, so the cost to us was zero. If we, through two minutes’ work, can help her get her friend back, we’d say it’s good prioritizing, don’t you think?”

Hear, Hear.


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2 responses to “The Bears Are Back

  1. Rox

    I do know that I left my rabbit Wilfrid on a London bus in about 1949, and my Mummy had to take me from Streatham to the ends of the earth (Baker Street) to get him back, but he wasn’t there.

    If anybody has found Wilfrid, please tell Bruce and I’m sure he will pass the information on. I will go 100 miles now to get him back, or would pay to have him posted first class, recorded delivery. He had yellow trousers.

  2. roxks

    What has this got to do with the Stepford Wives ? I’m afraid I don’t understand Lorena at all. I can report than my grand-daughter has taken over one of her aunt’s soft toys, Mary. But she holds that Mary is a rabbit, whereas (when she heard this) the aunt insisted emotionally that Mary is a dog. They BOTH got very worked up about this.

    I have always appeared sometimes as Rox and sometimes as Roxks depending how I am logged on. Whichever it is , I have now got a new little picture, more obviously rocky on this very small scale.

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