Oh Those Sexy Swedes

I am due to give a talk in Gothenburg (Göteborg) Sweden next April at a International Science Festival. I was planning on talking about The Self Illusion or some other brain-related talk but after hearing about the arrest of an unnamed woman who has been charged with violating the peace of the dead, I think that I must talk about disgust and essentialism.

When police turned up her apartment they discoverd over 100 human bones and initially thought that a murder had taken place. It turns out that she probably obtained them from a morgue. However, it is not the theft that has the liberal Swedes in such a bother but rather this may be a bona fide case of necrophilia.

In addition to the bones, they discovered photos on two CDs labelled “My necrophilia” and “My first experience” which contained a number of document files and pictures where she is using the bones as sex toys. I am assuming that the femur came in handy. I have posted one of the less disturbing images of her licking a skull. Actually, the one of the skull and her teddy bear kills two birds with one image so that I can talk about essential objects and how these are extensions of our materialism of the self.

Somehow, I don’t think I can resist the temptation to talk about our attitudes to the dead and the bones they leave behind when I visit in the spring. This will be one example of disgust that the Swedish audience should understand!


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8 responses to “Oh Those Sexy Swedes

  1. Peter Robinson

    brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘boner’! Sorry! Just could not resist the temptation!!

  2. Bob Roberts

    That is disturbing! I guess it’s a psychologist’s wet dream though?!

    And there is me thinking a foot fetish is verging on the obscure…

  3. Anonymous

    It is disturbing that there are people that appreciate more the dead than the living.Nobody has ever been sued for killing a fly, and the fly will certainly be more disturbed by being killed than the bones by being licked.

  4. I read of this a couple of days ago and thought of your book, Supersense, and the irrational attachment we have for inanimate objects of various kinds. It’s not dissimilar to the train of thoughts I had following the incident earlier this year of US soldiers urinating on the corpses of Iraqi rebels. While foolish and incredibly ill-advised given the predictable public reaction, it struck me as curious that so much fuss should be made over this simple desecration of the dead when so little (relatively) is made of the killing of those Iraqis in the first place.

  5. Charles

    “I am assuming that the femur came in handy”

    You just had to add that in, didn’t you?

  6. Isaac

    That skull has a surprisingly nice set of teeth…

  7. Rox

    My grand-daughter was 5, if not 4, when she said (in a museum) “I’m not a bit scared of skeletons. They’re just bones”. So they are.

    So no need to worry about the dead people, but the unfortunate lady is treating them as very much more than bones. Incidentally, it’s a toy panda, not a teddy bear.

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