Wowi Maui


I have not been posting alot recently because I have been trying to finish a bunch of work. But as you can now see, I have finally found my self stranded on a desert island so I have time to start blogging again. My new book. “The Domesticated Brain” has been handed in to the publishers and is due out next May. So what next? While the Western hemisphere settles down to miserable winter, I am on the island of Maui working on a film project based around SuperSense. I am here to edit the footage that we have shot and get some inspiration – well that was the line that my partners sold me when they persuaded me to come out to the Pacific island

Maui is a real trip. Unbelievable beauty and some of the most “colorful” individuals. Last night I met Mur at a dinner party who is an “Earthman” currently visiting the island. He proceeded to tell the gathered guests about his new book where he describes his love affair with a goddess from another dimension, his travels in Tibet and his personal war against authority, the Vietnam war, and yup everything that was not cool. Some asked him what was it like making love to a goddess. With a completely straight face he explained how their auras of different shades of light had mixed to form a new blend. I’m thinking cosmic photoshop. He really did make me think I had entered a wormhole as it sounded straight out of an Oliver Stone reconstruction movie of the 1960’s. Another guest asked me, “Well that’s amazing, how does a scientist make sense of that story?” I was dumb-struck and offered “No comment.” Jeez, Maui is Californian woo on steroids.

There is so much woo in Maui that I am regarded as a bit of an outcast which is an interesting turn up for the books. Still I hope to report back shortly with more stories of the extra-dimensional people I hope to meet. At the very least I hope to work on my tan  – oops – I mean chakras.


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11 responses to “Wowi Maui

  1. Rox

    Um, Bruce, just a touch of science and reality. It’s a miserable winter in Bristol now because Bristol is in in the northern hemisphere quite far from the tropics. It’s summer in Cape Town even though Cape Town is in the western hemisphere, because Cape Town is in the southern hemisphere. Similarly it’s summer in Australia and Tahiti, in the southern hemisphere although in the eastern hemisphere.

    But you are not in Tahiti, you are in Hawaii. Hawaii is in the northern hemisphere, and so it is winter. The reason it is hot is that it is in the tropics.

    • brucehood

      Doh! What makes my gaff all the more embarrassing is that I actually know that – its a classic example used to demonstrate misunderstanding of the basis of the different seasons! Thanks for bringing me back to Earth! But at 21 degrees N it is pretty close to the boundary!
      Anyway, the skies are amazing.

      • Rox

        Bruce’s “gaff” proved useful when I was telephoned by a well-meaning Oxfam representative raising money for the Philippines. She said she was sure I could imagine the need for blankets with the winter coming on. I pointed out that it is in the tropics. In fact, the temperature there rarely drops below 24 C in winter. I wouldn’t mind that in summer !

  2. Rich

    Man , how far-out can you get ? Go with the groove – it’s just a trip .

  3. Rox

    Can Rich translate that into ordinary English, please, perhaps with explanatory notes ?

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  5. amanimal

    I finally find myself holding ‘Supersense’ in my hands anticipating finishing this note so that I can return to it and Chapter 3 – ‘The Self Illusion’ should be here midweek. ‘The Domesticated Brain’? Sounds intriguing – look forward to hearing more about it.

    • brucehood

      Hope you enjoyed it… I have been not visting my blog for some time but hope to make amends.
      Simply taking on too many projects.

      • amanimal

        I thoroughly enjoyed ‘SuperSense’ as I found myself familiar with much of the work you referenced throughout from Atran to Wegner. And anyone who references Dr Zuess, no matter how tangentially, is 1st-rate/top-notch in my book.

        No amends necessary – if busy suits you then it’s good, especially(and selfishly) if it results in another work as informative and insightful as ‘SuperSense’.

        I’ll be getting on to ‘The Self Illusion’ soon after finishing a couple of other readings and a bit of preparatory research – very much looking forward to it – thanks!

      • amanimal

        ahem, ah … that would be “Dr Seuss”(how embarrassing).

  6. Dear Mr. Hood, I’m a graduate student (though I don’t in a field related to psychology), and I wanted to talk to you about certain ideas I have regarding the possible origins of supersense (and other forms of irrationality). Is it possible to reach you through e-mail? I couldn’t find any address here.

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