Going Back To Basics

I have been absent from this blog for some time now as I have been pursuing other activities and platforms. A new book, “The Domesticated Brain,” a new edition of the textbook “Psychology,” working on a new film documentary, “Breath of Life,” and many, many more projects at various stages of development. I like to keep busy and enjoy my brief moment in the sun – life that is.

Every so often I check back to see who has been commenting and in general, it is mostly autobot marketing which I periodically remove but I have decided to start blogging again even though I HATE the new WordPress platform which is much worse and user-unfriendly than when I first started this blog 5 years ago.

I have started giving talks again and recently gave a TEDx at Salford which was a great meeting. For a TEDx audience, it was very large – apparently much bigger than the crowd at the “real” TED meetings. Salford’s MediaCity where it was held was incredible with both the BBC and ITV establishments there in a futuristic layout of plazas and architecture. The organizers were enthusiastic and very helpful. I only wish that I had the time to stick around to hear the remaining speakers. TEDxSalfordI gave a talk on essentialism and SuperSense – returning to the topics that first got me so interested in public engagement in the first place. I think that so much relevant research has been published since my book was published that it might be time to think about an updated version. What do you think?


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6 responses to “Going Back To Basics

  1. gusgresham

    Hi again, Bruce. “…brief moment in the sun – life that is.” One of my pet themes, in fiction writing and philosophical thinking. Recently posted my second only blog entry, which features a short short story along those lines. “Tick Tock” was published in Brittle Star literary magazine this summer.
    all the best, Gus

    • brucehood

      Yes I heard Lawrence Krauss use it as well but I don’t know where it came from originally

      • Daniel McCoy

        The oldest reference I know of for “brief moment in the sun” is the W.E.B. Dubois quote about the transition from slavery in the american south to the oppression that followed:

        “The slave went free, stood for a brief moment in the sun, then moved back again toward slavery.”


        I’m not sure where he might have gotten it, but it reminds me of the bible’s book of Ecclesiates which makes heavy use of “under the sun”.

  2. amanimal

    An updated ‘SuperSense’ is an excellent idea in my(no doubt more than slightly biased) opinion as the original did much to enhance my appreciation of our species inherent less-than-consciously-rational cognitive functioning.

  3. Daniel McCoy

    I had seen Supersense before, but I had passed it by. Being unfamiliar with your work at the time, I guess I expected it to be the usual rationalist tut-tut-ing towards those foolish people who hold irrational beliefs. Later I read The Self Illusion and The Domesticated Brain, but I had forgotten about Supersense until I saw this blog post. Knowing your work now, my expectations were much higher. Since you posted this I have read Supersense and I was not disappointed. It’s an excellent book and it deserves more attention. It is just so much more interesting to explore what is really going on than it is to point out someone else’s errors. If you really think there is new material to make the book even better, I would gladly read a new edition.
    I wish someone would get behind a multi-part television documentary on this subject, since that would reach more people.

    • brucehood

      Dear Daniel,
      Thank you for your kind words. I think a documentary would be great but unfortunately very few broadcasters are making these kind of shows these days – though you never know!

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