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New Functionality on Speakezee

If you are in the habit of giving academic talks then you will know that event organisers often want your slides in advance, or an audience member might want a copy. I usually give them some of the slides but not all. You may also be asked for any papers you can share that you talk about. It could be a work in progress or a finalised PDF. You also want to know what your audience thought about your presentation. This usually comes out in the question time though sometimes audiences are too big, or time is too short. At the very least, I am sure you like a “recommended” in your evaluation.

All of the above functionality is now available to academic speakers who are registered on Speakezee. It is so cool. When you give a talk, simply tell the audience to whip out their smart phones and Google your name with the word “Speakezee.” They will be taken to your talk page  where all the functionality is available. What’s not to like?

If you are an event organiser, then you can contact the events manager at Speakezee and we will list your event for either free or a fee depending on the nature of the event. This gives you same functionality.

Spread the word.


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