Events 2015

2015 is going to be a very busy year for me.

In addition to launching which is likely to take up much up my time throughout the year, I am scheduled to give the following talks and appearances


14th. Café Scientifique Bristol, UK

28th Science Live Colston Hall Bristol, UK


6th Darwin Lecture, Cambridge, UK

25th. Skeptics in the Pub, Bristol, UK


5th Resources Conference London

13th Millfield School Somerset, UK

14th. Premier of “Breath of Life” Watershed Bristol, UK

16th. Anderson Public Lecture, Aberdeen, UK

24th Rubin Museum, NYC, US


1oth. Hot Science Cool Talks Public Lecture, University of Texas, Austen, US

25th QED Manchester, UK

28/29th. London Fashion College, UK


21-23rd Let the Light In, Hay, UK

28-30th. Immortality Project, UC Riverside, LA, US

18-19th. BSA Science Communication, Manchester, UK


16-18th TAM, Las Vegas, US