Not Just Ladders Trigger Superstitious Behavior


I am appearing at this years Secret Garden Party where the theme is Superstition….though with David Icke on the bill, general wackiness might be more appropriate as a theme. Anyway, it has been a while since I posted (The new book is nearly done!). So I was pleased when my Icelandic friend Hjalti Hjalmarsson sent me this photograph of a public path in Russia. It is not a ladder but clearly there is some superstitious thinking going on. It reminds me of an old 1974 study where they found that people would be more likely to walk under a ladder after observing a someone else tempting fate, but not when they were unobserved.


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8 responses to “Not Just Ladders Trigger Superstitious Behavior

  1. Looks a little too defined and barren to just be from trampling out the grass. Either way, it was probably carved out after the city gave up on trying to groom / restore the trampled grass.

  2. Jane Olinger

    Not sure how I got on your email contact list, but

    please keep my email address and send me posts.


    I attended the New York Open center’s Conference, in Sicily in mid-June.

    (A series of conferences over the last 20 years dealing with various aspects of

    the Western Esoteric Tradition.)

    I’ve attended most of them…This year one of the speakers received a standing,

    cheering ovation from the audience…first time that’s happened that I know of…

    Dr. Scott Olsen’s presentation…”Archimedes and the 13 Semi-Regular Solids”…

    I’m not kidding…It was breath-taking and I don’t think there was a mathematician

    in the room.

    Scott is a Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Religion at the College of Central Florida

    and the author of, “The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret”.

    He has a new book coming out…Looking forward.

    Thank you for including me among your “blog” contacts…

    Jane Olinger

    Irvine California

  3. sauls

    for the FAKE ANGLO-SAXON MONARCHY,54144.0.html

  4. GPAL

    I dunno, I generally assume it’s rational to avoid ladders because there might be a guy with tub of paint overhead.

  5. Anonymous

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    • mike ogan

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  6. Paul Whitehead

    Prof – if you refer us to articles then please ensure that we can read it without having to get through a “paywall”. To do otherwise is both sloppy & discourteous to your loyal readers.

    • brucehood

      Dear Paul,
      Well I disagree that it is both sloppy and discourteous. It is not my decision to make people pay. This is an academic journal site. If you are motivated to read the original, then it has all the contact details for you to pursue your own investigation. For example, this particular study is quite old but by searching on google academic for example, you can find who has cited the original.

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