What A Lovely Christmas Tune!

Well that time of year has come round again. The snow has fallen, the lights on the Christmas tree beckon, and all around little faces beam with good cheer. Every year we celebrate traditions – mistletoe, yule logs, and of course the Christmas hit single. In recent years, this has been predictably a manufactured piece of pap from Simon Cowell’s latest winner from”The X Factor.” Except this year, it looks like the public have had enough of being led by the nose on what counts as the number 1 single. Here is what may be the beginning of the end of the worst period of media control by a single individual. Ladies and gentleman, Rage Against the Machine.

If that is not your cup of tea then you could always go for the more melodic and witty masterpiece by the brilliant Australian maestro Tim Minchin…such a great guy.

Now, if only we can take on  Murdoch.


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15 responses to “What A Lovely Christmas Tune!

  1. Andrew Atkinson

    What a range of topics we get here on this. Proud to say, I am one of those who helped make this happen by downloading the track (go to play.com if you want to help ensure we are rocking our socks off on Christmas Eve). My British friends in America have now heard about it and replied that they feel proud of their country right now – which is really something.

    You really couldn’t get a better band to say ‘stick it’ to Simon Cowell and his media children. I hope the next wave of votes doesn’t comes from school kids for Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ though…

  2. brucehood

    Well it is a blog about the unbelievable so I try to cover lots of different bases… but let’s hope the naughties is the end of a decade that has killed individuality.
    Here’s to the New Year and New Decade!!!!

  3. I went to see Tim Minchin perform recently after first seeing him in last year’s Nine Lessons and Carols for Goldess people in London. I suspect you will enjoy his STORM beat poem too if you have not heard it before.

    I see X Factor as just a continuation of Opportunity Knocks and New Faces that fed us lots of B/C list celebs to keep mags and tv busy. It is not a new phenomena and shape of fad curves and their market value is well understood by marketeers who ride the peak hard before the inevitable collapse.

    Isn’t Cowell working in the same tradition as Colonel Parker, Peter Grant, Malcolm McLaren and many other successful promoters? Even if you don’t like their music at least we are still being moved and excited by live musical performance as a helpful distraction from having to worry about more important matters.

  4. Andrew Atkinson

    “moved and excited by live musical performance” (I almost want to quote that in Monty Pythonesque high pitch). Good grief, I hope that isn’t supposed to refer to X-Factor’s efforts – moved and excited indeed.

    Wholly agree about Minchin’s Storm though…

  5. “we are still being moved and excited by live musical performance as a helpful distraction from having to worry about more important matters.”

    Get your tongue out of your cheek, sir! It’ll leave a permanent bulge if it’s there any longer.

    X-factor (and its ilk), together with premiership football and all the crap that surrounds it, are indeed the new ‘opiate for the masses’. If people weren’t so concerned about which nonentity was being badly overdubbed in XF, they might actually start to worry about what their MP is up to.

    ….and we can’t have that, can we?

  6. Tessa K

    I don’t want to piss on your chips, but the same record company is behind RATM and the X Factor, so which ever one you buy, they win.

  7. Andrew Atkinson

    Yes yes – that’s common knowledge, but it misses the point. This has not been about money. It’s about cracking down on crap music etc…

  8. Bruce,
    Wow, RATM certainly woke me up and made my eyeballs roll, but hey, on behalf of the most conspicuous-consumption nation in the world, thank you for this non-Cowell export.

    As for Minchin, sublime.

    Hope your Christmas was warm and happy.

  9. When I was living in Melbourne, I would always go to the Royal Botanical Gardens on the 1st of January where, every year at 2pm, my friends and I would have a lovely New Year’s Day picnic in the shade of my favourite oak tree. Listenin to Minchin made me all teary not to be there. He’s a great example of how Aussies manage to be quite profound without becoming bullshit artists. I think I’ll go and listen to Storm again to cheer me up.

  10. brucehood

    Having just got back to a frozen wasteland of Somerset, I am beginning to think that there is something to this wintering in the southern hemisphere….

  11. Merry xmas from Sydney Australia, Bruce. And yes, Tim Minchin is a funny funny guy

  12. logistikon

    Actually, you know, if the nation is learning good taste and enjoying it along the way by admitting of incremental steps in its improvement – then what the hell. The above was very funny – and from X-Factor.

  13. brucehood

    Hi Logistikon,
    I am not sure the nation is learning good taste but of course everyone has their opinion.
    I also don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with what Cowell and others are doing except that their activities are choking out any other life forms in the cultural pond which makes it very difficult for innovation and development.

    What do others think?

  14. Andrew Atkinson

    Somehow, I managed to post as Logistikon – (some old blog account I revisited and left still logged in) – apologies. (Info also provided under this alias for James Sweet on the needle insertion stuff he couldn’t google successfully…)

    Anyway, on ‘learning good taste’, I mean ‘just learning’, not, by way of Cowell’s examples and offerings to culture. Taste is a tricky one – and I’m with Kant on it! Disinterestedness all the way…

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