Why… Oh Why …Oh Why???? – money methinks

Here is the Newsnight piece for non-UK visitors. Some really serious questions have to be asked. After all, lives have been lost over this scandal.

The BBC Newsnight team have just posted this article. It was very kind of them to describe me as “campaigning against these devices” as there have been many others involved. Still, it was nice anyway. I am going to be talking about these devices next month in New York.

Here is the CNN report from Dan Rivers in Thailand. – (thanks Techowiz)


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13 responses to “Why… Oh Why …Oh Why???? – money methinks

  1. jacarandamimosifolia

    Bruce, It’s very interesting (and worrying) that the bad guys have retained the services of Messers Carter-Ruck – all too well known to readers of Private Eye. This suggests a) They have a great deal of money and b) They’re not going to go quietly. On the programme (but missing from the clip above?) there was a statement that they had threatened legal action if anyone suggested the GT200 didn’t work. Really?! That’s precisely what you did say in your interview. Is there a big black Mercedes outside your window?

  2. brucehood

    Yes, I guess I am at some degree of personal risk but not as much as those in countries relying on dowsing devices to find bombs. Sometimes you just have to shout out when you see something that is so wrong.

  3. Bruce,

    Carter Ruck are the last refuge of the fraudsters. Bolton knows he has been well and truly exposed.
    Many congratulations on all your efforts.

  4. Bruce, this is some serious shit. It shows how important your work has been and continues to be. These guys are right up there with the albino killers, and I imagine they are making a lot more money. That kind of money often leads to trouble. Ergo: I’ll be performing a couple of superstitious rituals on your behalf. Can’t hurt, you know. And when you’re done, there’s Dick Cheney.

  5. jacarandamimosifolia

    Yes, and Paul Wolfowitz. We’ll bring you food in jail.

  6. Richard

    Very well done for your part in this whole shameful business, Bruce. I hope if there’s any kudos going you get your share.

  7. Bruce you HAVE campaigned, albeit with others against this iniquity; just check under you car each morning. I had to do it for 18 years in the Irish Troubles, my back was never so good!

  8. Don’t go in for all that bending down to check under your car, Bruce.

    Don’t forget….you still have your biro and bit of coat hanger!

  9. Carter ruck specialise in defending the indefensible. It’s almost a statement of ones shiftiness to engage their services in the first place.

  10. brucehood

    Bravo NobblySan but I fear I haven’t got the right substance card and training to detect car bombs.

  11. Hi Bruce,

    CNN have now joined in with further exposure of the ridiculous GT200, see the link:


  12. brucehood

    Thanks Techowiz… I added to the main story

  13. Bruce,
    Thanks for posting the clip for those not in the UK. Very good piece, and I agree that you were an active campaigner against the devices, so you should be proud of your efforts. Agree with Nobbly that you should take your coat hanger to your car, though, just in case.

    Seriously, these people have made money off misfortune and misinformation. They deserve to spend some time behind bars, not in hot vacation spots. That being said, I think that it’s appalling that it took so long for the devices to be banned and only after a great deal of money changed hands.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight. And yes please, Darth Cheney next?

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