Scottish UFO Confirmed

ufoI am just working my way through Jon Ronson’s book, “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” which is all about the wacky side of the US military who invested millions of dollars into SuperSense soldiers. The ‘First Earth Battalion’ were hand-picked soldiers selected for their psychic abilities to remote view enemy installations and kill at a distance simply by staring. They practiced this lethal gaze on goats. Would you believe that this has been made into a major movie staring George Clooney, Kevin Spacey & Ewan McGregor no less and is due for release this year.

In ‘SuperSense’ I talk about the origins of the belief in the power gaze and argue that even the most powerful members of our societies including the politicians and military rulers are inclined to believe in the daft, including UFOs. As I said before, UFO’s are not supernatural, just really unlikely. We learn today that the UK’s Ministry of Defense took seriously a photograph of a UFO hovering next to an  RAF jet near Pitlochry, Scotland in 1990. The title of the article is alarmist, “MoD Took UFO Sighting Seriously.” Actually, when you read the piece this title is misleading as it turns out that they were not interested in the slightest about the prospect of aliens. They were more worried by the hype of media.  If it had happened in the US who knows, what might have happened with this story?

I expect the conspiracy theorists will get to work shortly arguing that another critical piece of evidence for UFOs has yet again been suppressed.

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29 responses to “Scottish UFO Confirmed

  1. ‘Would you believe that this has been made into a major movie staring George Clooney, Kevin Spacey & Ewan McGregor no less and is due for release this year.’

    Seriously…I hope it was always intended as a ‘black comedy’ and didn’t go through filming actually as some kind of ‘goat whisperer’ remake.

    Let me guess: Clooney is going to fight the war with only his chin – Bridges is going to help Spacey get back to his home planet – and McGregor will do have his own incredibly long, boring side story where he wipes food all over the goats and shags them? No?

  2. brucehood

    LOL – I take it none of these actors are personal favourites! I can’t get the image out of my head of a naked McGregor when he played Renton ‘in flagrante’ with a goat – it was the highly talented Kelly MacDonald who played the goat in the film, Trainspotting

  3. Ha – I’m still laughing at katiemuffet’s “goat whisperer” comment…..

    But seriously, I’d like to read Ronson’s book. It sounds like just the sort of wacky thing I enjoy

  4. podblack

    Hi, if people would like to get some info on Jon Ronson’s progress – I interviewed him here: – episode 14! 🙂

  5. brucehood

    I can vouch for the Jon Ronson interview.. he is very generous and witty.

  6. Yes, john is a nice guy but the book went over the top with sensationalist crap. Look at the website and get a whole new world of information.

    The commander

  7. brucehood

    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for dropping in. I thought your video testimony was very sincere and convincing. I may be a skeptic but I understand the point of being open-minded which is what you were advocating. You are right, simple psychological techniques can improve the soldier’s lot though I would draw the boundary at the paranormal. But that boundary is not always clear.

    Fascinating stuff whatever you believe.

  8. I am perfecting my Power Gaze as I type. My past efforts (as seen on my byline pic) were too alarmingly reminiscent of prey shortly before a fatal attack.
    Now I’m like that bloke in Scanners who can make people’s heads explode by just looking at them. Well, almost.

  9. poietes

    Okay, let me get this straight. Staring someone into oblivion? That has to be one of the most implausible things that I have ever heard of. That the U.S. military would invest money in it, however, is completely plausible.

    I wonder if I perfect this whole staring thing if I can think my nosy neighbor into a new neighborhood. Or, I could think zap the mice in the garage into the stratosphere . . .

    Oh, the possibilities of such unharnessed power. I’m almost giddy with excitement.

  10. brucehood

    Now I understand why you wear those dark shades in your profile pic… you are saving us from your power gaze. What with WIB also practicing such skills I am fearful of upsetting anyone in case I get frazzled!

  11. poietes

    Smart man. You guessed my secret. I do have a power gaze. Just ask my family. It makes my oldest son very uncomfortable when I just stare at him incredulously without saying anything. Eventually, he confesses.

    I should be on Law & Order or some such show . . .

  12. Now I understand the magic power that my wife uses on me every time I fail to do the dishes when it’s my turn.

  13. dorian9

    is that why my goldfish keep exploding before my eyes? i love those little buggers and keep buying new ones. now i know to wear shades everytime i watch them. thanks for the tip, bruce…

  14. brucehood

    There is a sign in the Gorilla enclosure at Bristol Zoo…. Don’t Stare at the Gorillas!… Somehow I think I would take on a goat or goldfish anyday!

  15. poietes

    I do believe that I would not try my powers on a gorilla. He might hurl a palm load of feces at me, and that would be quite smelly . . .

  16. ierma

    mca cy…………

  17. I don’t know of anyone who can kill with a stare but I’ve known a few people who wished they could. They at least had the emotional drive for it. There are some old traditions of martial practice that include beliefs in very strange things, and if you get into that for a few years you do experience a lot that’s unusual. Most of it is physical but some of it isn’t, there really are some things that go beyond what’s easy to explain and easy to laugh at. None of it is stuff you’d learn in the army.

  18. montra---trimek----pig----thailand


  19. montra---trimek----pig----thailand


  20. i belive in un belivable becouse life it self is unbelivable

  21. UFO ? It’s have real?

  22. Maybe it’s come from america.

  23. I think, UFO is a human from the future.

  24. I don’t believe it. I think it’s not real.

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