Jacko’s Essence to Become Diamonds


Jacko is set to become a diamond

Jacko is set to become a diamond

Well it was only a matter of time before someone would get round to producing Michael Jackson relics. That company LifeGem that I have told you about before is set to make artificial diamonds from strands of MJ’s hair.

The bitter irony which seems to have escaped the company is that the hair they have obtained comes from the incident when MJ’s hair caught fire in 1984 on the set of  a Pepsi commercial he was filming. This accident left him with major burns and no doubt contributed to his use and dependence on painkillers – a dependence that would later kill him (assuming the conspiracy theorists have got the murder explanation wrong).

Jacko’s hair will be carbonized and turned into about 10 diamonds. In 2007, a lock of Beethoven’s hair was similarly turned into a diamond that sold for $200,000 so I guess LifeGem will make a small killing. The king of pop will become a relic.

Thanks to Konrad for alerting me to this one.


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11 responses to “Jacko’s Essence to Become Diamonds

  1. I don’t have an issue with his hair being turned into diamonds, it’s the selling of them as relics that I find distasteful

  2. To me, it’s the fact that someone will pay some incredible amount of money to own it.

  3. Arno

    To me, it’s the fact that I didn’t think of this before. In times of crisis, one needs to make profit in whatever way possible!

  4. I’m with Arno. I could get out of debt this way. All of that hair that I lose in the shower every morning could be diamonds . . .

    Seriously, it’s just stupid. Someone is going to pay millions for Jackson’s DNA diamonds. Someone is going to get rich. And the circus is never going to leave town.

    Too bad Bubbles the Chimp isn’t still around. They could use his hair and pass it off as Jackson’s.

  5. I told my Mom I thought it would be cool to have her ashes turned into diamonds when she died, so we could make them into jewelry and carry her “with us” after she had passed.

    She responded by telling me the idea was all well and good until one of us kids loses a diamond. Then suddenly we are all upset and depressed because someone dropped Mom in the back of a cab.

    That would be my mother.

    Now how is the idiot who spends $200,000.00 on a piece of MJ’s hair going to feel when she drops him in the back of a cab?

  6. Poietes, you use the term ‘DNA diamonds’ but the thing is that while the diamonds will contain some carbon atoms that were once part of Jackson’s hair, they will not contain any of his DNA. The reason is that DNA is a complex carbon chain that carries genetic information in its structure but none of that structure is preserved in a diamond, which is a perfectly symmetrical lattice that is structurally as simple as it gets. And two carbon atoms are much more alike than two peas in a pod. So much so that there can’t possibly be any way to check the diamonds to see if any of the carbon atoms contained within ever were part of Jackson. Really, this is the very essence of essentialism. If someone wants to have some atoms that once were inside Jackson they should just go down to Venice Beach and grab a cupfull of ocean water. Chances are very good that it will contain some atoms that passed through Jackson at some stage of his life. And its free!

  7. Sorry, can’t believe it. IF? it were possible WE would make anyone a diamond from Jacko’s hair BUT there is not enough carbon in a few strands – any more than there is Beethoven’s few strands. Now, if there was say 15 grams, we could do it and just for $9000 – not $90,000 but $9000 or £6000 sterling.
    There is always someone jumping on the bandwagon. Give Jacko’ a break. Let his memory live on, it doesn’t need a diamond to do that, he was brilliant enough.

    • brucehood

      Hi Mike, Interesting to hear from someone who works for a company that can make these diamonds. I think that for many people just the notion of any physical connection is enough. This is the idea that the essence can be contained in a few atoms – something I develop in supersense.

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