A Perfect Present for Bill Hicks

I miss Bill Hicks. Some of you may not know who this comic genius was – and I do not use the word genius lightly, but he was one of the sharpest, funniest stand-ups ever. He died too young and before this modern era of fanaticism and terror but would have been the perfect antidote to this time of madness and paranoia.

Anyway, I recently saw this ingenious “Saint B” MP3 crucifix player for sale and I immediately thought that this would have made a perfect present for Bill Hicks who would have appreciated the supreme irony of combining a symbol of horrific torture and suffering with the modern convenience of mobile groovy tunes. After all, one of his more memorable gags was, “A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. Do you think when Jesus comes back he’s gonna want to see a fucking cross?”

Holy Mp3 Player

I, for one, intend to buy one.


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6 responses to “A Perfect Present for Bill Hicks

  1. Wow, that’s a big cross. How much memory does it have?

  2. brucehood

    2000 years worth

  3. Audible groan………

  4. ooooh…. dreadfully sharp, Bruce. That hit the nail right on the head.

    Talking of Jesus…….

  5. You’re quite correct, Bruce: Bill Hicks was a genius.

    The term is hopelessly over used these days, and has become devalued; but in his case it was truly merited. His live and alternative coverage of the Branch Davidian Waco fiasco was stunning and potentially devastating for the US government.

    I miss him as well.

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